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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  February 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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year. good morning on this wednesday, february 1st, 2012. taking a live look outside right now in washington, d.c. a monument there on the right, it will be another warm one. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> when it starts getting warm and cold, it starts playing trick on your voice. that's why i sopped like barry white up here. >> you want to do some singing for us. >> no, hasn't changed that much. -- that's why i sound like barry white up here. >> you might be dodging a few rain drops on your way to work. so be ready for a shower. not going to rain all day but there is enough rain to get on the roadways.
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makes the roadways a little wet during the morning commute. most of this should be moving through here shortly but enough to probably have to turn on the wind shield wipers now across the district and here on the beltway. all of this pushing off to the east as we have a cold front off to the west that will move in later today. this is sort of the preliminary event. let's do mild temperatures. right now at reagan national, 52 degrees. amazing. 55 at fredericksburg. 55 the winning number at ocean city and patuxent naval air station. and just looking, no 40s on the map at 5:00 in the morning on february 1st. amazing. here is your forecast for today. lots of clouds to start. a sprinkle or two here early this morning. and then we'll be off and running again with temperatures well into the 60s. a few of us will be in the low 70s for afternoon highs and again, enjoy today because we've got cool are air on the way. low 50s for highs tomorrow. juror it will remind us that it
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is february. >>-- >> it will remind us that it is february. >> let's see what is happening on the roads with what little rain we do v. >> you totally freaked me out this morning when you tweeted it was raining. i ran to the window. >> i am tweeting. that is the big news. >> you're like a couple of steps ahead of tucker. on the roads, you will find your lanes are open traveling eastbound 66 coming in from manassas. outer loop of the beltway, no problems reported here leaving colesville road headed around towards the exit for 270. southbound 29 good to go randolph road to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ic. >> thank you. after a fierce war of words, mitt romney easily beat newt gingrich to win the florida primary with 98 precincts reporting. romney gets all of florida's 50
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delegates. romney has now won two of the four contests held so far. gingrich has won victory. >> as this primary unfold, our opponents in another party have been watching and they like to comfort themselves with the thought that a competitive campaign will leave us divided and weak. but i've got news for them. a competitive primary does not divide us. it prepares us and we will win. >> we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> ron paul and rick santorum did not focus on florida. they have been campaigning in other states. next up, the nevada caucus this saturday. later today, president obama will be in falls church, virginia at the names lee community center to talk about the economy. last night, he attended two campaign fund raisers raising more than $4 million. fox 5 is monitoring metro. the south entrance of the
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dupont circle station is closed today and it will be shut down for the next eight months. stacey cohan is there live and joins us with more details on the story. >> reporter: all three metro escalators here at the due opt circle south station will be demolished, repaired and replaced. it is part of the seven-year plan to replace 94 escalators throughout the system. you will remember about 18 months ago, july of 2010, there was smoke spotted in the metro station so some pan you canned passengers decided they were going to go up the metro escalators. one was not working but there was no gate to block passengers from going up this escalator. when they got to the top of, it they found a gaping hole where there were stairs missing. they had to crawl across barriers to get to working escalators. it was a very dangerous situation. in this project, metro is working with d.c. fire and ems
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to make sure that safety is enassured and there are emergency procedures in the event of an evacuation since only the north entrance is working. officers and tech anythings will be stationed at the north entrance -- and technicians will be stationed at the north entrance to make sure. there is a staircase over here to be used only in the event of an extreme emergency but it is here. if there is overcrowding at the dupont circle negotiate side, they are going to manage that flow. they are urging people not only to take this station at dupont circle north but also to consider farragut north as an alternate. this construction will be going on for at least eight months. en i'm stacy co-- i'm stacy cohan. back to you. a suspect accused of murdering community activist lenny harris is behind bars now. prince george's county police say 49-year-old lynnwood johnson confessed to murder.
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officers say johnson and harris did know each other and believe the motive was robbery. harris disappeared last september. investigators found his body in a well in fort washington, maryland last week. form are bridge county executive jack johnson will get two more week of freedom. he was supposed to report to prison by friday but the federal bureau of prisons has not decide where to send him. he will serve more than seven years behind bars for extorting thousands of dollars in bribes and for accepting illegal gifts. we are hearing reports that an occupy d.c. protester was taken into police custody overnight. it is not clear if he has been charged or if this was related to the park service camping crackdown. own. two men not associated with the occupy movement found themselves face to face with demonstrators when they tried
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to take the at e at -- take the tent off the statue. >> if you guys had seen this park about six months ago, it was beautiful. we brand-new sod put down on the lawn. it was green. it was beautiful and i ate lunch here frequently during the week. now, look at it. >> police are still enforcing the law proibting protesters from sleeping in tents or keeping their belongings there. a federal judge ruled yesterday that the government must notify protesters prior to evicts. details of a sudden shake- up at a d.c. agency, coming up next. a local mosque hit by vandals in a big way. stay with us.  i'm going to make you breakfast.
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retired cardinal anthony bevilacqua has passed away. the spiritual leader who had cancer and dementia died in his sleep last night. he served as head of the roman catholic archdiocese of philadelphia for more than 15 years before retiring in 2003. he was 88 years old.
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hissing at the comes just days after lawyers battled in court over his competency to testify in an upcoming church sex abuse trial. a civil liberties group now calling on the fbi to investigate after a virginia mosque was vandalized to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. the community mosque in chantilly was set to open in a month. but overnight sunday, police think a group of people gathered there, partied and destroyed much of what they could. the damage is estimated at $60,000. >> any time you get an attack of this type on a house of worship, you have to be concerned and that is why we approached law enforcement authorities to at least keep the possibility of a bias motive in mind when investigating this case. >> mosque officials want to make it clear they haven't received any threats or had any problems during the construction process which began last year. unstead of opening the mosque in a month, it will likely be open in april.
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en abrupt resignation from the director of the d.c. home lapped security agency. millicent west says she is leaving because of current distraction. it is apparently more fallout from the corruption investigation into harry thomas, jr. west used to oversee the d.c. investment and youth trust corporation. ion. more talk about gas taxes this morning. first, maryland governor martin o'malley. and now virginia governor bob mcdonnell is chiming in. >> does he want to raise the state's gas tax in we'll get the answer coming up next -- does he want to raise the state's gas tax? we'll get the answer coming up next. we'll have a look at your weather and julie wright will have your traffic coming up after the break. 
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taking a look at washington, d.c. right now. it is nice and clear out there except for tucker telling us we have a few rain showers here in the morning. nothing too big though, right? >> just a few scattered rain showers but enough to wet the roads. it doesn't take a lot to slow people down. we're already warm and we'll be back in the upper 60s, maybe a few low 70s this afternoon.
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>> more short-sleeved running around outside kind of weather. >> you got it. >> it is great. i can't believe it. >> i had the windows in my house open yesterday afternoon. >> i didn't go that far. i did the short sleeves but not the windows in the house. >> if you thought to yourself, this feels like a record high temperature -- >> you might be right? >> you were out at dulles, you would be right. 66 was the winning number at all three area reports and that indicates a record at dulles. their previous record was 63 degrees set back in 1993. so you can see had a record at dulles. the record for today, 77 degrees at reagan national. i don't think we'll do 77 but we could do upper 60s or low 70s for afternoon highs. should be another very comfortable afternoon for you. 51 right now in the city. we've-- these temperatures are amazing. 52348 quantity you co. 55 as you start your morning in
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fredericksburg. 53 at dulles. frederick, i don't know what is going on with you. 41. your meter there is in a valley and that's why you're getting the colder temperatures. most of the area with the exception of frederick. -- 52 in quantico. this radar overplaying what is touching the ground. there are light sprinkles and light showers working through at the moment. good news is most of the rain showers should be out of here by 7:00, 8:00 this morning. there will be enough to wet the roadways. we are in between a warm front off to the north and i acold front out to the west -- and a cold front out to the west. we'll spend much of the day in and out of the clouds. late this afternoon, the clouds will increase ahead of a cold front. we'll get showers overnight tonight and early tomorrow. bottom line is, after today, cooler temperatures on the way with highed only in the 50s starting tomorrow. not bad for early february. 68degrees today. mix of clouds and sun. a few early showers.
5:18 am
another warm afternoon. there you go, wind out of the west at 10 to 15. it will be breezy. cloudy skies, chance for late rain tonight as that cold front approaches. 45 your overnight low. winds will be shifting out of the north and west behind the frontal system. early showers tomorrow particularly south in the low could be a shower here late saturday or early sunday. still question mark with highs in the upper 40s by sunday. let's do jonbenet -- let's do on-time traffic with julie wright in the house, in her house. >> that is i different show for a different time. congratulation to you, tucker barnes and the fox 5 weather team for winning that contest we talked about yesterday. >> thank you. >> congratulation. >> that was all you. >> it windows 2000 wasn't me
5:19 am
but you still owe me lunch. lanes are open on dry pavement. -- it wasn't me but you still owe me lunch. live shot of traffic coming in off the chain bridge and traveling inbound on canal road and the clara barton parkway. very light traffic volume. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. >> thank you. virginia governor bob mcdonnell says he will not support raising the state's gas tax. it comes just days after governor mart uno'malley proposeed a gas tax for maryland. mcdonnell said he is taking a different approach. >> i'm not going to raise taxes on the hard-working people of virginia but i will help our economy grow and we'll create jobs and create more tax revenues for economic expension and we'll reform government. >> the governor wants to see more of the current sales tax set aside for transportation projects. half a cent of the five cent
5:20 am
tax goes towards transportation. he wants it increased to 3/4 of a cent. the fight over gay marriage is once again taking cent are stage at the maryland state house. the measure failed to pass last year so advocates are hoping a new bill that addressed some concerns will make it through this year. fox 5's john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: take a look at the size of the crowd that tried to surge into the judicial proceedings committee room. the governor of maryland personally came to lobby for legalization of gay marriage. >> it is not right and it is not just that the children of gay couples should have lesser protects than the children of other families in our state. >> reporter: other liberal elected officials also pushed for this year's slightly different bill which legalizes gay marriage but exempts both churches and church organizations. >> the people in the state of maryland have fought for that equality for generations, equality for religion, for
5:21 am
race, for gender. today, we ask for equality for sexual orientation. >> if the knight of columbus hall doesn't want to rent to a gay newlywed couple, it doesn't have to. it is perfectly protected within this legislation. >> reporter: opponents of gay marriage rallied here monday and conservative religious leaders testified that the proposed change in the law is an attack on their faith. >> why would we complicate that situation by redefining what has already been defined by the bible. the bible is right. we can talk about several other groups within the relimbous community that oppose this, changing the name and tampering with the word marriage. >> last week, our he is peopled first played laddie referred those who opposed this legislation as cowards. this is just the latest example of those with sincere religious
5:22 am
convicts are being encouraged for give up their beliefs. >> reporter: john henrehan, fox 5 news. last year's gay marriage bill passed the state senate 25- 21. proponents think they can do it again and eke out a victory in the house inform that happens, opponents have vowed to get the required signatures to put the issue on the ballot in november. there is nothing like finding a little extra money laying around the house. and for the d.c. government, they found a whole lot of extra money. >> that is always a good thing. coming up next. the $240 million budget surplus and now some residents have questions like what is going to happen with all that money? stay with us. introducing the new flip & fresh from air wick
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taking a live look over washington, d.c. on what is going to be another nice day out there. another spring-like day for your first day of february. we'll check in with tucker here in just a second. d.c. residents have dealt with higher taxes, furloughs for city employees, higher prices on city services to fight off a budget shortfall. monday, the district announce it is $240 million in the black. >> that is some news. as matt ackland explains, that has at least one city leader saying now, some taxpayers should get a refund. >> reporter: it came as a big
5:26 am
surprise when the mayor announced d.c. was $240 million richer. >> good god! >> reporter: that is what a lot of people are saying especially after so much talk about d.c. facing hard financial times. >> where did that money come from? >> reporter: we're told the city simply didn't spend as much as it thought it would. in september of last year, the council voted in favor of raising taxes on those who make more than $350,000 a year. councilmember jack evans lost his fight against that tax and now is calling for the new tax to be rolled back. >> something that i would be interested in is putting the income tax back down but that is just me speaking. >> reporter: council chairman kwame brown says everything is on the table and doesn't rule out revisiting the income tax issue. >> we say the $240 million came in and resident want to know what is in it for them. >> reporter: but mayor gray and d.c.'s cfo caution against repealing the tax.
5:27 am
>> we need to recognize this is one-time money that we're talking about. >> reporter: $240 million goes a long way. >> in housing, affordable housing. why not fix up some of these dilapidated homes and things like that. they have so many vacant buildings that they have moved people out of. people need a place to stay. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> reporter: the mayor and chairman brown will get a letter today from the chamber of commerce asking hem to rethink the latest income tax hikes on residents. are you spending any money on this year's super bowl? you might not believe how many people say they are going to spend some pretty big cash. that is coming up in about 30 minutes. next, stacy is following our big story. >> reporter: if you are taking metro today, you may want to avoid dupont circle south. that is because it is closed. i'll tell you what is happening, how long it will
5:28 am
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the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. a very pleasant day. still a few rain showers but a pleasant did i and it will get better. fox 5 is monitoring metro with big changes for commuters in
5:31 am
dupont circle this morning. stacy cohans that details on that. >> we'll talk with tucker. >> we are anot going to worry about stacy right now. >> he's like why are you ignoring me? >> sorry about that. i apologize. >> let's get right to it. we have some light rain showers working across the area. i guess i would bring along an umbrella here just in case. most of the day is going to be dry. you can see up and down the 95 corridor working north of spread rickburg right to the district around the beltway and up 95 up towards beltsville and baltimore we are getting some very light showers. again, this is not terribly impressive amounts but it will be enough to wet the roadways and any time you are talking about wet roadways for a morning commute in washington, that will slow things down. so something to be ready for. let's get to the good news. temperatures, we're in the 50s. right now at reagan national, 51 degrees. our highs today back into the mid- to upper 60s. a few of us particularly south of the immediate washington area here down towards
5:32 am
fredericksburg, maybe 70, 72 later this affect chght another gorgeous afternoon. there will be more cloud cover than yesterday. yesterday afternoon turned out beautiful. today, a mix of clouds and sun but any time you are talking about upper 60s, near 70 in february, february 1st after all, that is not a bad-looking forecast. -- later this afternoon, another gorgeous afternoon. >> let's get the latest from julie wright. >> no problems reported as you work your way around the capital beltway. lanes are open in each direct as you travel to and from the wilson bridge. coming inbound this morning along canal road and the chain bridge. traffic coming off the chain bridge rolling at speed. we are off to a quiet start ads you make your way past arizona avenue and over to the gw parkway flowing freely. southbound 270 still good to go out of clarksburg headed for
5:33 am
the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. fox 5 is monitoring metro and a big change for commuters in the dupont circle area this morning. stacy cohan is there live and she joins us now with more details. good morning. >> good morning. the work has already begun here at the dupont circle south metro station. if you take a look behind me, you can see they've erected a wall around this as if you needed any other notice. you may not use the dupont circle south metro station at least for eight and a half months. it will be fairly obvious getting down here. we have video we shot just before the wall went up of the signs going up and what the escalators look like now. they are replacing all three escalators here. this is part of a seven-year plan to replace 94 escalators system-wide.
5:34 am
it will take eight and a half months. use the dupont circle north entrance if you are coming or committing the metro at this location. can you also use the farragut north metro station if you want to avoid overcrowding. metro is working with d.c. fire, ems on emergency evacuation procedures. this is a very busy area and with only one area of ingress and egress, they want to make sure they have contingency plans. officers and technicians will be on site at the north dupont circle metro station just to monitor the situation. they've installed an emergency starr case in the event of a real emergency and there needs to be an evacuation. they are urging people to monitor and make a decision if you want to use this station or head to farragut north if you are traveling north of this location. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. mitt romney took a major step towards the republican
5:35 am
presidential nomination winning big in the florida primary. with all the precincts reporting, romney has 46% to gingrich's 32%. rick santorum had 13 and 7% for ron paul. fox 5's jennifer davis is in tampa with the latest on romney's big win. >> reporter: mitt romney scores his second primary victory and this is a big one. but newt gingrich is promising the site is far from over. >> i stand ready to lead this party and to lead our nation. >> reporter: fresh off a landslide victory, mitt romney promises this hard-fought primary will only make him a stronger candidate when he squares off against president obama. >> mr. president, you were elected to lead. you chose to follow and now it is time for you to get out of the way. >> reporter: supporters are hoping this decisive win will carry romney all the way to the gop nomination. >> i think we'll push him ahead in the other primaries especially coming towards super tuesday. >> reporter: but despite his loss, newt gingrich is vowing to stay in the race. >> we are going to contest every place and we are going to
5:36 am
win and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> reporter: staying in is just what some of his supporters say is needed. >> he is on a roll. more people know more about him. they're going to vote for him. >> reporter: the bickering and negative attack ads are something rick santorum says this campaign can do without. >> let's focus on the real issue which is defeating barack obama. >> reporter: ron paul is focusing on nonprimary states. you do very well in ate the caucus states. mitt romney now has 87 delegates, three time as many as his closest rival. next up, 28 delegates will be up for grabs when nevada holds its caucus on saturday. president obama will be in falls church virginia today at the james lee community center. the president will push a
5:37 am
proposal to allow all home owners to refinance their mortgage as. mr.obama is raking in the campaign cash. the president raised more than $4 million last night at fundraisers in d.c. and chevy chase. chase. prince george's county police are investigating a deadly shooting. officers found a man with a gunshot wound in front. heritage park apartments in adelphi. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police don't have any suspects or a motive. police in prince william county say they have a peeping tom under arrest. officials say a resident along jamestown court in woodbridge noticed renee cruz looking into a neighbor's home. when police arrived, they saw cruz staning on a plastic chair looking through the window a home. when he spotted the officers, he picked up the chair and took off running. they caught up with cruz who is being held without bond. en extremely disturbing case involving a teacher this
5:38 am
morning. up next, an arrest and some very serious allegations. we are checking more headlines on the other side of the break. over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year
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5:41 am
the dover air force base have been punished. last year, investigators found what is call gross mismanagement at drover air force base. some troops' body parts were lost. other remains wound up in a virginia landfill. the office of special counsel has advised the air force to dispalestinian the officials involved. a warning for parents with any young children in the room. there is a rather disturbing story out of california. an elementary school teacher under arrest for allegedly molesting nearly two dozen students. the lewd acts allegedly took place between 2008 and 2010 and involve both boys and girls, all under the age of 10. police say mark burns also took photos of the children in blindfolds with their mouths taped. the film processor tipped off authorities to this investigation. the school where burns worked for more than 30 years learned of the accusations about a year ago and fired him. actor sean penn has a new title, ambassador at large for
5:42 am
haiti. haitian president presented the actor way special honor at a ceremony last night recognizing his humanitarian work. it is an age-old question. who drives better, machine or women? but up next, how about who parks better? we'll tell you all about a study that came out about this. caught on camera, a surprise visitor at one local building. we'll have that plus your weather and traffic. stay with us. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away
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taking a look at the beltway at new hampshire avenue, you can see the traffic moving along out there pretty well this morning. we'll talk with julie to get an idea of how traffic is. i've got to imagine, ladies, that we do have the most bragging rights behind the wheel. a british driving survey found that women are better at parking than men. i think driving too. >> out of a possible score of 20, men scored a 12, women a 13. according to the daily mail, only 18% of women actually thought they would be better at
5:46 am
parking than men. >> yeah, we are. we're more patient. guys just -- >> i'm not a hater but that survey was done by a british driving company. i'll just leave it at that. >> i see how you park in the parking lot. not pretty. >> it's little cramped out there. the spaces or so small. >> i have noticed that when wisdom parks, nobody park nearby. >> i need some space. >> there you go. >> you noticed on the live shot, we have avenue got some showers falling across the area -- we've got some showers falling across the area. it won't rain all day. most of the showers will be out of here by 8:00, 9:00 this morning. and then we'll be back into the warm air. temperatures later today, upper 60s, a few low 70s across the region. one pore warm day before the cooldown. let's kick it off with a look at the rain showers. there you go. your max hd radar showing you the rain showers roughly stretching here from dale city right through the district here right -- there is the beltway.
5:47 am
you see we're getting showers. i just stepped outside here in washington and then north up 95 and up the bw parkway up towards baltimore. all of this is moving very briskly off to the east. so it will be out of here in a short period of time. but it will be enough to leave the roadways wet as it moves on through. let's push on. want to show you the satellite- radar here and the bigger picture. we've got a cold front out to the west. warm front to our north that brought us the mild temperatures yesterday during the afternoon and we've still got the temperature around right now. there is your cold front out to the west. that will slide through here later tonight. it will take all day to kind of get through here. we are not going to have rain all day. in fact, i think most of the day should be dry. can't call it cloud-free but later this afternoon, we should get at least partial sunshine and that will help boost the temperatures again into the upper 60s and in a few spots, low 70s. i think down towards fredericksburg or watching across south central virginia,
5:48 am
you could be in the 70s later today. 55 in fredericksburg. it won't take a whole lot to get warm again. 58 in quantico. we are used to dealing with 20s this time of year. 54 the winning number in hagerstown as well. mix. cloud and sun once we get the showers out of here. another warm one. 68 your daytime high. winds out of the west at 10 to 15. will be a little breezy at times with winds gusting to about 25 miles per hour. cloudy tonight, chance for light rain as the cold front moves through. the cooler temperature as the win shifts out of the way. early clouds, some a.m. showers. might be i agent late day sun tomorrow with temperatures in the 50s. there we go, that is closer to normal by the weekend with highs in the upper 40s with clouds on sunday. that is the weather. let's do some traffic and julie wright has got your latest. rain showing things down?
5:49 am
>> not yet. but i think it is a combination of the fact we don't have a lot of people out on the roads just yet so it will later on as more people get out and about. right now, check out the ride here at university boulevard. lanes are open as you work your way around towards university boulevard and continuing over towards 270 with no problem to report at this time. we do have some problems to report northbound i-95. it is already a slow go as you travel out of woodbridge continuing northbound up towards the occoquan. 359 in good shape leaving duke street continuing out to the 14th street bridge. accident activity at 450 at 410. heads up there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ic. caught on camera, a deer smashing through a window at the washington highlands interim library in southwest. now, the library wasn't open at the time. stunned staff members called for help. animal control officer as arrived quickly. deer suffered a broken jaw and
5:50 am
unfortunately had to be euthanized. no one else was hurt. we've got bad news for the housing market. home prices were at an all-time low now. prices are 6% below where they were in 2009 and experts say the trouble is expected to continue. despite record low mortgage rates, a spike in foreclosures could push home prices even lower. meaning housing will likely remain depressed for some time. not god news there. a big honor for one las vegas couple just in time for valentine's day. >> we're talking about wilbur and theresa fayaz. they've been married for 78 years. the worldwide marriage encounter has now named them the longest married couple in the united states. wilbur is a form fore nevada state senator. president obama offered to mention the couple during his recent stop in las vegas. but they were not able to get to the event in time. the white house has promised to return and give the couple the
5:51 am
recognition they deserve. >> i would love to know the secret. >> how does an order guy get such recognition by the president of the united states. it is one of these things that is once in a lifetime. you're in love and that is all you think about. >> wilbur, would is 100 years old, by the way, says the key to a healthy marriage is give, take and compromise. >> that is good. >> i got nine and a half years under my belt and you're going to get married. >> i know. it is true. >> we'll be writing that. >> we need to contact wilbur and see how to get to that level. >> we need to have him on the show. the super bowl means super spend position some football fans and it could seem like christmas in february for some retailers. sure doesn't feel like it outside. that is coming up next. first, time for our my fox
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half off deal. this one comes from the newly opened cafe in arlington. $10 buys you $20 in food and drinks. go to our web site and click on my fox half off link.   we'll be right back. 
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we want to say good morning to donald king, our facebook fan of the day. he is a full administrator with
5:55 am
the prince george's county public school system. he says he is a life long learner who likes to help others. we appreciate that. you never stop learning, do you, donald? if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. post a comment under donald's photo. congratulation. let's talk sports now. making headlines, the caps on the road against the lightning without alexander ovechkin who is serving a suspension. d.c. rallied from a 3-1 deficit to send it into overtime but a rebound shot here was the game winner for tampa. caps lose 4-# in overtime. >> ovechkin on the side doesn't help, does it? >> right. >> there are just four days until super bowl xlvi lvi this could be a record breaker for retailers too. melanie alnwick explains why. >> reporter: just how much are super bowl watchers expected to
5:56 am
shall out for their celebrations? $11billion. >> pretty much the highest ever for super bowl spending. >> reporter: that is a lot of dips, chips and beer. >> the super bowl is a time that everybody wants to gather. people want to have a big party and no matter who is in the game, people are really interested in watching t i think the whole country will come to a stand still on sunday. >> direct snap to brady, looks, fires. >> reporter: what would the big game be without a fat screen to watch it on? >> bigger is better this year. from the 50, 55 to the 65 to the 70. >> reporter: electronics retail arers are busy selling and delivering flat screens just in time for sunday's showdown. >> the cool thing is we have next day delivery still going on if not same day delivery. we can get that installed in a couple of days as well. >> reporter: almost 100 million people are planning to either
5:57 am
host or attend a super bowl party. mike gaddy thinks that is a good sign. >> i think it speaks to the mood of the american consume are, how they're feeling about the economy and that we're seeing things just starting to point a little bit upwards so people are feeling a little more positive about things for the coming year. >> reporter: it may be a kickoff to better days ahead for retailers. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. we still have plenty ahead. stay with us. us. q for new guests, i start with a great catch and french's dijon with chardonnay. then i warm things up with the story of how we met. the real story of how we met.
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and that's how new friends are made.
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